This Otsukemono shop is created by a contemporary master craftsmen of Kyoto Prefecture

Tega took over the Otsukemono shop which was established in Kyoto in 1945 by predecessor. Now he runs the shop at Kyoto-Nishijin.

Seiichi Tega, who is a second generation owner, got an award of ‘contemporary master craftsmen of Kyoto Prefecture’ for creative pickles. His mission is to propose original pickles, which are Tojizuke and Senhime, and a new way of eating.

Now, we receive orders from not only our fans in Japan but also celebrities in the world.

Every single day,we watch, we make and we think about Otsukemono

After he got an award of ‘Contemporary master craftsmen of Kyoto Prefecture’ to now, watches vegetables, makes Otsukemono. Also He continues to propose creative ideas internally every single day.

Tega Co., Ltd.
Seichi Tega

<Creation by Seiichi Tega>

Tega’s speciality Otsukemono.

I explore and create delicious tastes from things that were developed while preserving traditions to new ideas.

business hours

store only on wednesdays

10am – 5pm



Representative Director Seiichi Tega


1945 (founded)




〒602-0091 542 Sujigaibashicho, 3-chome Sujigaibashi-cho, Omiyadorijinouchi, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi